Packed and ready (mostly)

After a crazy week at work I had a busy day yesterday getting the bike packed up and ready to go.  The plan had been to get some things ready each evening after work but we had some critical issues I needed to work on and got home way to late to get much done.  So I spent all day yesterday running around and going crazy.  Then around mid-afternoon I finally thought to check the weather and saw that today (Sunday) would be extremely wet with a chance of serious thunderstorms.  Now, I am not one to let rain get in the way of a good motorcycle trip but this looked like a little more than I wanted to deal with, the remnants of tropical storm “Bill” is making it’s way east.  By Monday morning it is supposed to be dry and clear.

So, since I was already exhausted from trying to organize all my camping gear I used this as an excuse to delay my departure for another day.  It was nice sleeping in this morning listening to the rain outside and knowing I am dry and comfortable.  I think I now am mostly packed up, with the exception of organizing a few of the bike specific tools which get packed away inside the skid plate and my laptop (which I need now to post this!).

Tomorrow I should be ready to get up, have a good breakfast, and hit the road early.  I want to make several miles tomorrow to get away from the east coast.  I should be able to make it to western Pennsylvania by tomorrow evening at which point I hope to set up camp and enjoy my first night of motorcycle camping in a few years.

I am really looking forward to the zen of just riding and camping for a few days.

Doug Chapman