Exploring the world of motorcycle travel

Several years ago I did some long cross country trips on my KLR and chronicled that on another web site I had access to giving it the name “random places”. Since then work, life, and other adventures have prevented me from getting back to wandering about the country on 2 wheels. I also seem to have lost all the content from those trips which is unfortunate.

I have decided it is time to get back to this. So here it is, brand new web site, brand new blog, brand new adventures.

I will be leaving on my next trip in less than a week. The plan is to go back to my home town in Kansas to visit family but the majority of the 2 weeks I have off from work will be spent riding. I hope to camp most nights but will allow myself the luxury of a motel room from time to time.

Hopefully some of you enjoy hearing my stories from the road.

Doug Chapman

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